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My Responsibility

Responsibility begins with the willingness to be cause in the matter of one's life.
Ultimately, it is a context from which one chooses to live.

Responsibility is not burden, fault, praise, blame, credit, shame or guilt. In responsibility, there is no evaluation of good or bad, right or wrong. There is simply what's so, and your stand.

Being responsible starts with the willingness to deal with a situation from the view of life that you are the generator of what you do, what you have and what you are. That is not the truth. It is a place to stand.

No one can make you responsible, nor can you impose responsibility on another. It is a grace you give yourself - an empowering context that leaves you with a say in the matter of life.


My View of Politics

Core Values of Voluntaryism (philosophy)

The idea which separates Voluntaryism from political ideologies is that Voluntaryism seeks to abide by objective moral principles. An objective moral principle is one that may be universally applied to everyone at all times without contradiction.

Essentially, if it is wrong for a man to steal from his neighbor, then it is wrong for all men to steal from each-other. This scientific process of universalizing principles is how Voluntarism sets itself apart, and which is why Voluntaryists reject the State. Taxation, as we all know, is a non-voluntary interaction which is backed with a threat of violence. Since, as a society, we already shun and have specific names for non-voluntary interactions: rape, murder, theft and assault, the voluntaryists take an unsentimental, scientific look at "taxation"- and scoff at the euphemism. Based on all available evidence, taxation does indeed equal theft, and so it is rejected on moral grounds by Voluntaryists. According to these principles, the only fair and just interaction is one that is voluntarily agreed upon.

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